Rules and Information

Event Waiver
All vehicles and participants involved with and in the Jeepalooza 2017 event will abide by all laws as set forth by the State of Ohio and the City of Willoughby, Ohio.

General Rules
All Jeeps must pre-register by August 19, 2017. Register early to ensure you are able to participate in the event. The Event reserves the right to change the maximum number of Jeeps at any time.
Registration is for one Jeep vehicle. There is no admission price. Registration includes one event sticker per Jeep vehicle to show the vehicle has been registered for the event. The last day to register is August 19, 2017.
Jeep owners must verify that they have liability insurance which will be in effect August 19, 2017. This is required or you will not be able to register.
All participants must accept the liability waiver, insurance verification and photo release document in the registration process.
All trailered Jeeps must be unloaded and loaded at the designated trailer parking areas at or near Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge, 36845 Euclid Avenue, Willoughby, Ohio, 44094.
Stacking Jeeps (for example, one Jeep’s right front tire on top of another Jeep’s left front tire) or other displays of the performance abilities of your Jeep are not allowed during the event. Local, state, and federal highway traffic laws must be obeyed. Safety of drivers, participants, spectators, volunteers, general population, and property is of the utmost priority.

During the registration process, all participants agree to the Waiver and Photo Release below.
I understand that Jeepalooza LLC is an organization that sponsors a variety of activities. I am aware that the Jeepalooza LLC presented “Jeepalooza 2017” activities are inherently dangerous activities that involve the risk of damage to personal property and a risk of serious injury or even death to myself and any other family or friends who are passengers in my vehicle. I agree that I alone assume the risks involved in the Jeepalooza LLC presented “Jeepalooza 2017” activities and I absolve Jeepalooza LLC, City of Willoughby, Lake County, State of Ohio, and Heart of Willoughby of any and all liabilities including any liability for passengers in my vehicle or friends/family that I allow to drive my vehicle during the event. In addition, and to the fullest extent allowed by law, I waive the right to institute any lawsuit or other legal action against Jeepalooza LLC, its members, officers, directors, delegates, instructors, agents, employees, representatives, servants, assigns, as a result of my participation or injury at this Jeepalooza LLC presented event. Nor will I voluntarily assist anyone else in the pursuit of any lawsuit or other legal action. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Jeepalooza LLC, its members, officers, directors, instructors, agents, employees, representatives, servants, assigns, City of Willoughby, Lake County, State of Ohio, and Heart of Willoughby from and against any and all claims, actions, suits, judgments, damages and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, that may result by reason of any suit or other legal action that I either commence or assist with as described in the preceding paragraph. This Release and Indemnification Agreement shall bind me, my heirs, executors, successors and assigns. I understand and acknowledge that Jeepalooza LLC is acting in reliance upon the agreements made by me in this Release and Indemnification Agreement in order to extend to me the benefits of participation in the Jeepalooza LLC presented “Jeepalooza 2017” and were I not willing to abide by the terms of this document, the opportunity to participate in the Jeepalooza LLC presented “Jeepalooza 2017” would not be extended to me.

Verification of Liability Insurance
Intending to be legally bound, I agree to hold harmless, release and indemnify Jeepalooza LLC, its employees, agents and sponsors, from any and all claims, actions or suits which may arise from the Jeepalooza 2017 event excluding claims for gross negligence.
By signing this release and indemnification agreement, I am affirming that I hold a valid driver’s license in the state in which I reside and that I have and will continue to maintain valid automobile liability insurance for any vehicles that I drive and register in the Jeepalooza 2017 event on August 19, 2017, in an amount sufficient to cover any liability that I may incur as a result of my participation in the before-mentioned event.

Photo Release
I hereby give my consent for Jeepalooza LLC and any other media outlet to use photographs and video images in their publications and website of me as well any passengers, friends, family and minors under the age of 18 who are with me in my Jeep. – I acknowledge that since my participation in publications and websites produced by Jeepalooza LLC and other media outlets is voluntary, and neither the minor children, my passengers nor I will receive financial compensation.

Parade Rules and Regulations
Provided by Heart of Willoughby and Last Stop Willoughby
- Entrants must observe all applicable rules and regulations, and follow all instructions from police or parade officials.
- The Heart of Willoughby, Inc. and the Parade Committee reserve the right to withdraw any unit if their costume, performance, or behavior does not meet these rules and regulations, or does not conform to the standards of reasonable community taste and decency.
- The parade is not a form for any particular political, religious, or social point of view or overt commercialization. All forms of advertising are subject to the approval of the Parade Committee.
- The decisions of The Heart Of Willoughby, Inc. regarding applicants, their eligibility, placement, and judging are final.
- Alcoholic beverages are forbidden on any float, vehicle or on the person of any parade participant. Profanity is not permitted along the parade route or within the assembly areas.
- All parade units should open or close the gap between units when asked by parade officials. Units may stop briefly in front of the reviewing stand as needed.
- The Heart of Willoughby, Inc. does not accept the responsibility for traveling expenses, food, lodging, or any other expenses of any parade entrant. Participation in the parade is voluntary.
- All units with live animals are required to provide their own clean-up crew.